I was thirteen years old when I met the man of my dreams. Landon Grayson was an older man, fourteen years of age, and completely unattainable. He had earth-brown hair, electric blue eyes, and kind of crooked smile, which was captivating and ridiculous all at once. Landon befriended me through a common acquaintance and in what felt like no time at all we became inseparable, at least that is how I felt. This common acquaintance, you see, was my sister. She was 5’4 and as beautiful as a sunrise. Eloise glowed with a perfect happiness that came from being desired. She was sought after, courted, and on frequent occasions gifted with the rarest and most exotic weeds that a high school suitor would collect from a nearby field. It should have come as no surprise to me when I discovered that Landon was in love with her, as most every man that met her was. Nonetheless, it broke my heart to know that my affection was not returned. Eloise was indifferent to Landon’s advances as she began to date another man. Her chosen beau was a toned form of slender, a football player, and dedicated dweeb. In spite of his lack of social dexterity, Eloise adored him. Let’s call him James. James was perfect for Eloise, he was loving, attentive, patient, and overall accepting. Landon was no competition.

– ExReject


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