Exhume: to dig (something buried, especially a dead body*out of the earth; disinter; to revive or restore after neglect or a period of forgetting; bring to light. To disclose; unearth; resurrect. To reveal. 

I am an aspiring novelist, with a biographical blockage.
This blog will be used to unblock my writing gene and expel the angst that holds me back from where I really want to be.

This blog is about me, a twenty-one-year-old who has lived through her own broken engagement, two parents with significant mental illnesses, a sister who is following closely in their tracks, and the upheaval of everything I held dear. Well… Everything bar one. My faith is the compass that guides me home. It gives me strength.

In this dark and devastating world, there is a hope.  The things that are broken, burnt, and beyond repair will come to a glistening glory. This is to exhume. It is not denying that we have been destroyed, but in recognizing that we will stand again.

God willing.

– ExReject